Custom Training Camps

One of the most flexible services we can offer is our custom training camp experience.  We can create a plan that can be from 1 day all the way to a month or longer if required.  All training guests stay on site with our family which is where our training facility is also located.  We try our best to work with your schedule.

The cost of a custom training camp can be estimated by using the following information below.

Number of nights x $50

Training Sessions can include vaulting, drills, running mechanics, gymnastics, weight training, plyometrics, rehab, classroom presentations and discussion, etc... Sessions average 90-120 minutes.  The training sessions will vary depending on length of stay and individual needs.

Number of training sessions x $100 (we try for 2 session per day)

For example, someone wanting to stay for 3 nights and wants to fit in 5 training sessions would cost $650 which includes training, room and food. 

You are responsible for transportation to and from the airport.  Super Shuttle works out well.

Our guests are typically invited to join in with our normal schedule of family entertainment which potentially may involve (movies, hiking, horse back riding, dining out,  boating, etc,,) There will be down time that you will need to be self entertained so bring something to do like a good book or homework for example.


Contact Dean Starkey if you are interested (480)766-6017