AZPVA is now offering personal fitness training for anyone.  These programs are designed for regular people on tight schedules who truly want a different training experience than the traditional big box gym or crossfit style programs. 

Why is a pole-vaulting club doing doing fitness training for people that don't pole-vault?  Because we have the skill, desire, equipment and the time to help more people.  Most of all, our elite vaulters need a way to pay the bills without committing to typical part-time jobs that are not conducive to their own training and quest to make an Olympic Team. 

Boot Camp
Train like an athlete!    

Join Olympic hopefuls, Alex Pevtsova and Tray Oates in your journey to a happier, more fit you. While these classes may only be 30 minutes, they will surely challenge you and leave you inspired and ready for for the next one. Our high intensity classes are specialized for you to get in touch with your inner athlete.  We specialize in functional movements and injury prevention, but you can also expect to challenge your aerobic and anaerobic capacity, as well as core strength using sprint drills, plyometric exercises, and conditioning circuits. During the course of your time with us, you’ll work on perfecting your balance, core strength, posture, and overall athletic abilities. While not everyone may have Olympic goals, they can surely take steps to get become more active, agile, and athletic.

Monday - Thursday 7-7:30AM and 7:45-8:15AM

Enroll in Boot Camp Sessions Now (Paid monthly): 3x Week for $240 or 2x Week for $160


Personal Training 
Train with the pros!

Not a fan of bootcamp style classes? No problem.

Come train with Olympic hopefuls Alex Pevtsova and Tray Oates in your journey to a better, healthier you. When’s the last time you learned to do something new? Let today be that day. Our expert level trainers are able to coach all ages and abilities to achieving their goals. 

Maybe you aren’t a fan of large groups or you just want a full hour of work. Maybe you’ve tried Olympic lifting in the past, and haven’t quite figured out the technique. Maybe you look at elite level track athletes and think, “Man they look great. I’d love to train like they do.”

If any of these sound familiar, then this is the program for you. 

Our semi-private personal training is conducted in small groups of 2-4 people. During your hour with us, we will be able to be much more hands on. This allows us to specify and target your weaknesses in order to reach a stronger, more able state.  Get elite level training and personalized workouts fit to your needs right in our own backyard. Believe in yourself, change your body, change your life. 

Monday - Thursday 8-9AM and 9-10AM

Enroll in Personal Training Sessions Now (Paid monthly): 3x Week for $360 or 2x Week for $240