Learn About the Coaches

Dean Starkey - Head Coach

Dean is a former world class pole-vaulter jumping over 19 feet 5 inches".  He spent 10 year traveling to over 30 countries while competing in international competitions.

Some of his  accomplishments include 2 time NCAA champion for University of Illinois, 1989 World University Games Silver medalist, 1997 World Championships Bronze medalist Athens, Greece.  

During the mid to late nineties he was the pole-vault coach for Cal Poly, San Luis Obispo where he coached many vaulters over 18 feet.  

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Garrett Starkey

Recently graduated from Stanford University and currently working on a masters degree at Arizona State, Garrett Starkey has officially joined the AZPVA team.  Garrett graduated with a BA in Human biology with a sports performance emphasis and soon to have a masters degree in exercise science.  

He was an Arizona Division I High School State Champion with a high school PR of 17 feet.  His current PR is now 18 feet which was attained in 2017 while attending ASU under coach Ron Barella.

He brings a wealth of information on human performance as well as being an experienced pole-vault coach.  He has a great eye for technique and excellent trouble shooting skills in solving technical issues vaulters may be having.  

Jill Starkey

Jill is a former world class pole-vaulter jumping over 14 feet 1 inch.  Her accomplishments include 2000 Olympic trials finalist, 4th ranked USA vaulter in 1999 and winning the Gold Medal at the World Masters Championships in 2011.  She was former college multi-event coach at South Dakota University. Although not actively coaching with us at this time she will pop in occasionally and give some helpful advice to young vaulters.

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Our Goal

We love it when we can help our athletes achieve their best.  We recognize that each athlete is an individual and will need specific programs based on their strengths and weaknesses.  Our goal is to build top vaulters and to prepare you for your future endeavors.