Semi-Private jump sessions are a great way to get some extra focus on your vault. They are typically capped at 3-4 vaulters and last around 90 minutes. See purchasing options below. Call (480)766-6017 to enroll​.

First time vaulter: We typically require one semi-private session to teach the basics of pole-vaulting in order to adequately prepare them for our club practice sessions.  We have learned that doing this session prior to general club sessions gives the new vaulter the confidence they need to quickly thrive in our genral club sessions. 

Beginner/intermediate vaulters: These sessions are encouraged if you want to accellerate your progress. For vaulters who need the extra attention, this is an opportunity for us to break down your jump on video and help get you more "dialed in" - whether it be coming off injury, rest period, vacation, or approaching the championship part of the season - these sessions can allow the opportunity for extra focus on your vault. 

Experienced vaulters: These sessions are great for the experienced vauter that wants to get extra work on improving a certain skill they may need help with.  With the opportunity to get in many vaults in a session, collaboration, attention to detail, and video analysis, provides an opportunity for great improvments.

Out of town vaulters: If you don't live near enough to be a regular part of our club then this is the best option for you maximize your visit to our facility.  

Scheduling a session with us is easy.  All sessions are booked by calling or texting Dean at (480)766-6017. We try to be as flexible as possible as we work with both the coaches and the vaulters schedule to find a conveneint time that works.  Please note that all sessions must be paid for in advance at the time of booking.  

PURCHASING OPTIONS Call (480)766-6017 to enroll
1 Session - $99
5 Sessions - $399 (Savings of $96)
10 Session - $749 (Savings of $250)

Please note: Purchased sessions expire after 2 years from purchase date.

We understand that plans change.  We ask that you give us at least 24 hours advanced notice if you need to cancel.  If you fail to give advanced notice we will not charge you for the session the first time it happens.  However, the second time and thereafter 24 hour advanaced notice is not received you may be charged for the session.